Furniture Restoration

We specialise in the repair and restoration of antique and period wooden furniture. Our approach is based as far as possible on conservation and preservation using traditional techniques. We undertake a variety of repairs, from simple renovation and re-polishing to the replacement of missing veneer and parts, including carved and turned parts. In the worst cases we undertake total dismantling, reconstruction and restoration. We can work with most kinds of period furniture and woodwork using traditional techniques, matching old timber and conserving as much of the original as possible within the limits of structural integrity. We also replace desk, box leathers and bookshelf edging from a full range of colours and tooling and can replace baize card table tops.

Although we are based in East Sussex we are often able to make an initial assessment of necessary repairs from digital photographs emailed to us. We accept furniture from other parts of the UK for restoration and return. Please contact us for further information or a quotation.

We are happy to quote for the renovation of furniture and woodwork damaged by accident or fire for the purpose of insurance claims and to carry out the necessary work on acceptance.

We can also restore faded or damaged architectural woodwork or replace missing parts, including church work.

Here are some examples of our work.

An eighteenth century tallboy with brushing slide which we restored from a totally distressed condition having been previously stored in a shed.

and a French Boule table which took hours of painstaking work.
A restored and repolished oak gateleg table - one gate substantially renovated.
A quality Edwardian reproduction Elizabethan style Court Cabinet in solid oak.
Partially dismantled, missing parts replaced, re-assembled, coloured and waxed.
A revived and repolished period side table
A restored Victorian Writing Table with new tooled leather top

An Edwardian chair which was completely dismantled, the frame strengthened and the chair reupholstered in traditional style.

This Georgian letterbox was considerably distressed when it came into the workshop. It was dismantled and re-assembled with missing parts and cladding replaced and repolished. Fortunately the image was intact and undamaged.

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